What is an Educate Together School?

1236958Educate Together schools are national schools which are multi-denominational, child centred, co-educational and democratically run. The schools operate under the rules for National Schools, are granted sanction by the Department of Education and are non fee-paying



Educate Together Schools from the outset respect all ethical and religious traditions. Every family’s background and ethical preference is respected and cherished within the school. The school does not teach any particular faith or creed but facilitates any group of parents to organise religious instruction for their children outside the main school programme. Educate Together schools have an Ethical Education Curriculum which teach children core values of appreciation and respect of social, cultural and other human difference, health and safety, social responsibility, rights and other features necessary to inform a child’s developing mind to live in our rapidly changing society.

Child Centred

While covering the curriculum set out by the Department of Education for all national Schools, the educational programme of an Educate Together school is developed creatively through genuine dialogue between teachers and parents for the common good of the children.


All Educate Together schools are co-educational and have active programmes to counter gender stereotyping and inequity in all aspects of school life.

Democratically Run

As all Educate Together schools are set up by groups of parents, parents have unparalleled access and involvement in the running and development of the school. The ethos of the school is to promote the fullest participation by parents and teachers in decision-making processes and to promote a genuine creative partnership between parental involvement and the professional role of teachers. The role of the patron (a structure that is insisted upon by the state) is carried out by Educate Together, which is a registered Patron Body. This role is governed by a legal constitution, and Educate Together is a limited company.

Partnership in Education

With their unique ethos and democratic structure, Educate Together schools deliver a tremendous opportunity for parents, teachers and children to develop an educational community which provides an optimal environment for children to develop their intellectual, academic, social, cultural and physical life.

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