Hanafin ignoring parent’s wishes

Letters to the Editor, 29 April 2008

Hanafin ignoring parent’s wishes

In the Luttrellstown/Porterstown area of Dublin 15 the two existing primary schools, Catholic-controlled, restrict access for children of non-Catholics to quotas. This is one of many reasons why some parents in the area are trying to set up an Educate Together national school that allows equality of access for all children. To date, 258 children have been enrolled in this proposed Educate Together school.

Education Minister Mary Hanafin, however, has just announced that she will not approve the setting up of this school because it would compete with her own soon-to-be- built pilot VEC school.

This VEC model has been dreamed up behind closed doors between the minister, the VEC and the Catholic Church.

It appears to be a vehicle that will allow the Catholic Church to maintain control, or at least strong influence, over staff recruitment and school ethos.

The minister is prepared to facilitate the wishes of the Catholic Church while ignoring the voice of the parents of children in Dublin 15.

In the context of an imminent Cabinet reshuffle it is surely time for the minister to pack her bags and leave the classroom altogether.


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