Educate Together plan for new D15 school

Blanch Gazette

13 January 2008

By Laura Webb

Dublin 15’s ongoing schools’ crisis could be partially resolved if a new school planned for Carpenterstown is given the go-ahead to open this September.

The proposed new school is one of 20 schools that Educate Together hope to set up in the coming year.

A spokesperson for Educate Together told the Gazette that they hope to submit an application to the School Advisory Committee by January 31.

As part of the process to get the green light from the Advisory Committee, Educate Together is required to access demand for a school in the area..

The organisation say that they will now hold a pre-enrolment meeting on January 19, where parents and guardians will be given the chance to pre-enrol their children in the proposed school.

Once the information is compiled Educate Together will submit enrolment figures to the new school advisory board. “If sanction is given, we expect to have sanction from the Minister to open the school in September,” said Amy Mulvihill of Educate Together.

The school has been broadly welcomed by local politicians including Labour Deputy Leader, Joan Burton. “There is a definite need for a school in the area. The original Castleknock Educate Together School was meant to be in Carpenterstown and judging by the amount of parents who couldn’t get their children into that school, I would think that there will be a lot of interest in the proposed new school.”

Amy Mulvihill, Educate Together’s new schools development officer, said the organisation’s decision to apply for a new school in the Carpenterstown area partially stemmed from the huge demand for places in Castleknock Educate Together.

“Castleknock Educate Together are over-subscribed and there has been a continuous demand from parents in the area for another school.”

There is no set location for the school as of yet and it will be up to the Department of Education to work on provisional accommodation for the school.

While Fine Gael TD, Leo Varadkar said he welcomed the planned school he voiced concerns over a permanent site for it.

Parents and guardians will be given a chance to pre-enrol their children to the proposed school at a meeting to be held in Castleknock Hotel, on Saturday January 19 from 11am to 2pm.

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